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Our boutique winery set up includes equipment that allows us to work gently via gravity flow and in small lots, allowing each vineyard parcel to remain separate and unique. Once it comes time to blend, we select the finest barrels and blend them to create our Blake Family Vineyard wines.

We employ artisinal and time honored practices such as native yeast primary fermentation in small oak cuves and stainless steel tanks (ranging from 1,000 litres to 5,000 litres); malolactic fermentation and aging in French oak 225L barrels, and “bâtonnage” (or stirring while in barrel).

We have designed a double sorting table / La Trieur system in consultation with P&L Specialties in California to ensure that only perfect fully ripened grapes make it into tank.

We give every vineyard parcel and every tank of wine maximum opportunity to meet our standards and make no predetermination in the vineyard or winery that a wine will or will not meet our requirements for quality. It is only after the wine has been made and been aging in oak for more than twelve months that we begin the evaluation process.

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